Cancer – Beating by Eating

April 11, 2015


nutritionEveryone knows that the most important part of our health is related to our levels of nutrition and diet. Without a healthy and balanced diet, we can’t hope to maintain a healthy and difficulty free lifestyle. Whether it is losing weight, living comfortably or dealing with a chronic disease, what you put into your body as fuel is such an important factor that just can’t be ignored. Incredibly, people ignore this fact when it comes to diet, running their body through junk food and processed sustenance that fails to provide adequate levels of vitamins and minerals.


One of the major disease and health problems humans can face in the world today is cancer. Everyone is touched by cancer, either directly or by someone you know and love. The treatment for cancer is physically as well as mentally devastating, depriving your body of nutrition and energy in an effort to limit the growth and duplication of cancerous cells, however one of the easiest things someone touched by cancer can change is their diet. At the St. Louis Medical Weight Loss clinic, the staff is experienced with diets formulated specifically for cancer patients and sufferers. Dr. Krikorian, a leading and experienced cardiologist in the Missouri area, can provide you with a consultation and personalised diet plan to aid in the recovery of your body and sustain its function. Whilst all diets are extremely targeted to the patient’s specific needs, adding some of these foods into your diet prior to visiting the St. Louis Medical Weight Loss clinic can do nothing but help in prevention of cancer:


Oily Fish


Unfortunately, oily fish doesn’t mean a slab of deep fried and battered fish and chips (don’t we all wish that the local fish shop was a healthy dinner choice location!) but rather choosing sea creatures’ rich in the long fatty chains of omega 3. Omega 3 is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory in the body known for its ability to drive away negative hormones that irritate and inflame. As well as reducing inflammation, omega 3 has demonstrated an uncanny ability to actually re-lengthen telomeres, the ends of chromosomal legs which protect the important DNA information. This re-lengthening of the telomeres protects the DNA structure and increases longevity in life. The best oily fish choices are herring, mackerel and salmon, however incorporating any fish into your diet is advantageous.


Red and Yellow Capsicum


Surprisingly, red and yellow capsicums, known in some areas as peppers, actually contain higher levels of vitamin C than oranges, the commonly understood go to food of choice for vitamin C. Neutralising toxins and strengthening your immune system, vitamin C is an important vitamin in the fight against cancer. Other strange and surprising heavy sources of vitamin C also exist, such as raw broccoli and berries or cherries, showing that vitamin C isn’t limited to the orange coloured foods on our plates.


Whilst there is a lot of common sense in healthy eating, targeting cancer avoidance through diet involves a bit of specific knowledge. Whilst Dr. Krikorian can provide targeted diets specifically formulated for the needs of patients at the St. Louis Medical Weight Loss clinic, anyone can start fighting cancer right now with just a few healthy diet changes and by incorporating some of these foods in your new, healthier diet.

Supercharging Your Diet with Good Nutrition

April 3, 2015


nutritionIt’s not always easy to maintain a healthy diet when you aren’t entirely keen on healthy foods like fruit and vegetables. However, finding excuses to avoid them becomes difficult in the face of modern research, demonstrating the incredibly dense nature of a lot of these less than popular foods. A healthy balanced diet is one of the most important factors in a healthy lifestyle, and any patient of Dr. Krikorian of the St. Louis Medical Weight Loss centre will be aware of the strong emphasis on healthy eating. Whilst knowing that a food is healthy may not inspire you to indulge in it often enough, knowing the specific reasons why a food is so good for you is often a really strong encouragement. These next three foods are some of the more common avoiding foods for a variety of reason, but exist as some extremely nutrient dense food around. Your personalised diet plans from the St. Louis Medical Weight Loss centre won’t force you to eat food you hate – but given the health benefits of these foods, it’d be silly to continue to avoid them!




The humble broccoli, and other relative vegetables in the brassica family, is one of the most nutritionally dense and easily accessible foods around, found in shelves and fresh produce sections the world over. Broccoli, as well as cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts, contain huge amounts of fibre, phytochemicals and healthy vitamins and minerals which are essential to good nutrition. Fibre is one of the most important components of our diet, which society definitely does not get enough of. It helps to eliminate toxins in your body as well as keep us regular. Sulforophane in broccoli and especially sprouting seeds helps to detoxify the liver, and reduces stomach cancer tumours, as well as being rich in galactose, which binds to damaging agents in the intestine.




Whilst garlic can help in warding off vampires and other undesirable foes, it has also demonstrated a strong health effect in deterring cancer in a number of ways, including preventing our blood supply from forming tumours. Garlic also contains high levels of selenium, which is another strong cancer fighting agent. So despite the effect it may play on your love life, it’s obvious that including garlic in your diet is important.




Perhaps explaining the longevity of traditional Italian villagers, research has demonstrated that seven to ten servings of tomato a week can significantly reduce prostate symptoms as well as having a strong influence on many different cancers. The major cancer fighting ingredient is lycopene, and it’s suggested that 25 – 40 milligrams make it into your diet daily. Cooked tomatoes are the best, and one tin of tomato soup easily contains more than your daily requirement, however other foods that contain lycopene include strawberries, carrots, peppers and peaches. As well as the positive effects already mentioned, lycopene also helps to reduce bad fat levels in the blood and is additionally an extremely strong antioxidant.


Everyone remembers being a kid and hating a certain type of food – Brussels sprouts are a popular enemy, as well as zucchini and peas for others. The foods mentioned above (broccoli, garlic and tomato) are three of the more commonly avoided foods for a variety of reasons, but you can see that avoiding them is really limiting your healthy lifestyle in the long run. The St. Louis Medical Weight Loss center advocates healthy lifestyle, and one of the most important aspects of this health change is a focus on good and balanced diet. You might not like certain healthy foods, but knowing how good they are for you specifically may help steer your future food choices.

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