Successful wellness, anti-aging, and restorative medicine are best complemented by a customized nutrition plan based upon your individual needs. Ensuring a daily dose of heart-healthy vitamins, getting your metabolism in balance, and making sure you consume all the necessary nutrients will help build the energy you need to transform your body and mind during your weight loss journey. Our goal is to replenish any minerals, vitamins, or other supplement deficiencies initially if needed, but ultimately to restore those deficiencies with proper diet.

Dr. Krikorian is committed to guiding you to a flexible, healthy, and easy to follow diet to get you to your goals. Recommended meals taste great, can be affordable, and can be easily prepared. Your customized nutrition plan may include natural solutions for wellness and energy, such as vitamins and other supplements. Coming to St. Louis Body Balance and Weight Loss is the cost-conscious approach to creating healthy meal plans that help you lose weight, not money!

Meal Substitutes/Replacements

People who often struggle with their weight may use different meal substitute options such as protein shakes, protein bars, etc. For those of you who prefer that option, we would be open to discussing and offering you some healthy options. However, we realize that food itself is at the core of a lasting weight loss plan and our team helps identify solutions that are simple, affordable, and best of all, that taste great. We realize that the cost of special meals can be intimidating and prohibitive in the long run, so we work to create meal substitutes utilizing regular groceries that most anyone can afford. This helps to contain costs and to develop sustainable shopping and food preparation habits to allow you to keep that weight off for good!