Age Management and Restorative Therapy

Dr. Krikorian and staff at St. Louis Body Balance and Weight Loss support evidence-based, medically appropriate therapies for general wellness and longevity. Whenever practical, Dr. Krikorian looks to find natural solutions for you.

Age Management or Anti-Aging Strategies Include:

  1. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  2. Proper diet
  3. Replenishing vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and quality proteins, initially by supplements and later, mainly by diet
  4. Exercise
  5. Body/Mind/Spirit Balance
  6. Toxin Elimination
  7. Medications


A great number of physical and metabolic changes occur as we age, and almost all of them are undesirable. These seemingly inevitable changes decrease our overall well-being and make weight management more challenging. New research shows that many signs of aging are directly related to our telomeres (repeating sequences of the ends of chromosomes that protect the chromosome from deterioration and improper expression). By adjusting hormone levels, nutrients, and body composition, while also changing our lifestyle; we can halt a lot of the aging processes and also improve many of the associated conditions that result.

The latest studies [at this point in animals only] have shown that treatment to stimulate the genetic expression of telomerase (the enzyme responsible for repeating sequences of a chromosome’s telomere) may have many beneficial and anti-aging effects including:

  1. Improved health
  2. Extended life span
  3. Maximal potential for cell replication
  4. Increase in bone density
  5. Improved coordination and balance
  6. Improved insulin sensitivity with greater ability to maintain blood sugar levels

Who are candidates for Telomerase Stimulation?

People who are in generally good health as well as patients with many chronic complaints such as tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, constipation, pains and poor memory/memory loss are all candidates. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about anti-aging therapies, medical weight loss, and strategies for improving your condition and for enhancing wellness. Start today so you can become a better, healthier, younger, and sexier-looking you.