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Physician Profile

Dr. Raffi Krikorian

Dr. Richard D. Kimmel

Dr. Krikorian is a board-certified cardiologist who has built a well-known practice specializing in cardiovascular and vein treatments. As a physician who recognizes the heart’s role in promoting total wellness, he has expanded his practice to include medical weight management.

Having been overweight, Dr. Krikorian empathizes with the challenges of weight loss and healthier living. He has searched for evidence-based methods of weight loss to present his patients with a total health, wellness, and weight loss plan that supersedes other offerings.

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Medical Weight Loss

Beautiful Legs

Dr. Krikorian is a board-certified Cardiologist, and is also a Diplomat in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine who has built a well-known patient-focused cardiovascular practice. He understands that solving each and every patient’s problems may require broad knowledge as well as the ability to think “outside the box.”

As a physician with significant training and expertise, and an on-going interest in learning and practicing beyond the traditional path, he is ready and eager to listen to patient problems, and to come up with solutions with the ultimate goal of balanced patient wellness.

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About Our Practice

weight loss doctor

At St. Louis Body Balance and Weight Loss, we specialize in listening to and solving the unique problems of our patients. We have expertise in weight loss, balancing body hormones (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy {BHRT}), detoxification, nutrition, anti-aging, and wellness with a focus on preventing cardiovascular conditions and making our patients not only feel better, but to also look and feel younger.

At our practice, each staff member strives to successfully meet the ever-changing individual health needs of our patients. We offer services that promote optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for a healthier lifetime.

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